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5 Best Things to Do In Bratislava

Do you know where Bratislava is? Could you point to it on a map? Do not worry if the answer to both these questions is no, by the end of this Traveler’s Guide you’ll know everything you need to know about Slovakia’s spectacular capital city. Some of the best things to do in Bratislava are free or only incur a small entry fee.

How to Say Thank You in Different Languages

In this mini guide we will teach you how to say thank you in different languages!

It is important to always try and learn a little of a language when you visit a new country. English one of the three most widely spoken languages in the world and as such is most people’s second language. In that sense, English speakers are very luck, there are so many people in this world that are either fluent in the same tongue as you or trying their very best to become that way.

There are certainly phrases that can get you a long way when you’re travelling. Hello, goodbye and thank you are the bare minimum that you should try and master before leaving home. Numbers one to ten are also a big bonus and other phrases like ‘where is’, ‘how much’ and ‘please’.

Here are 15 different ways to say thank you around the world!

Hiking Must Have Travel Gears

In order to plan a trip successfully, you have to make sure you have the correct equipment. What is the point of going out of your comfort zone and doing something adventurous but not being able to have fun because you don’t have the tools? 
Hiking is like dipping your toe in freezing water. One of the best activities for you to venture out to your adventurous side. It isn’t the most difficult but it tests your endurance. In order to make your experience much easier, here is some gear that you should pack along with you.

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Rocky Point, Mexico: A Travel Guide

Rocky Point in Mexico is also known as Puerto Peñasco. Rocky Point is a Mexican holiday resort that is famous for its thriving fishing industry in the Gulf of California. Puerto Peñasco is commonly referred to by American visitors as Rocky Point and this holiday destination is more popular with visitors from the States than from Europe or elsewhere in the world.

Where is Toronto?

Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, there are many cities in Canada but where are they on the map? Can you tell us where is Toronto? No? Read on to find out all you need to know about Canada’s most populated city, where to eat and where to stay too!

Toronto is in the state of Ontario in Canada. Toronto can be found in the south Ontario and is perfectly placed on the shore of Lake Ontario, on the shore to the north west. This prosperous city is home to a very diverse population, the area is divided up into 140 different neighbourhoods but the community atmosphere in Toronto is very much apparent the moment you cross the city lines.


Rainbow Mountains Peru

Without realizing it you may well have seen photos of the rainbow mountains in Peru before. They are, arguably the most photogenic and picturesque mountain range in the world and feature frequently on traveller's bucket lists.

Read on to find out why the rainbow mountains, Peru need to be high on your must visit South America natural wonders list too.

What is a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage is the most common type of massage available all across Europe. If you head to Asia then the most common type of massage would be a Thai massage or variations of this practice. Although these kinds of massage are available in the western world the most popular massage treatment is consistently the Swedish Massage. But what is a Swedish massage, read on to find out!


Best Time to Visit Australia

Australia is a fabulously varied country, with so much to explore there is something interesting and fun happening every day of the year. Whether you head to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or into the city of Sydney the weather will always be on your side in Australia. As such there is no real best time to visit Australia rather better places to visit at different times of the year.


Best Carry On Luggage – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Carry On luggage is arguably the most essential travel item aside from your passport. Travel has become so very accessible and more and more of us are jetting off for long weekends away and mini breaks. These short haul trips don’t require a great deal of luggage but equally, we need to pack light and pack savvy.

We have researched and reviewed the best carry on luggage on the market in 2017 for you, here are our top picks.

How to Say Hello in Korean

Whether you are travelling to South Korea on holiday or for an important business meeting it is important to know how to say hello in Korean.

Many people are put off travelling to South Korea but the acts and behaviour of their neighbours North Korea, fear not South Korea is a wonderfully versatile place that makes for a great vacation! The people are super friendly and the city of Seoul is one of the most vibrant on the planet. South Korea offers some amazing food too! Very heavy on the meat content the Koreans love a barbecue!

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